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REULL is currently offering the following high quality products, typically found only in specialty stores and not in big box retailers with 100% ITEX. Items include Indoor/Outdoor Rugs from Tommy Bahama and Oriental Weaver, Barware and Accessories from Metrokane/Rabbit, Umbrella Lighting from Treasure Garden, Collapsible Boxes from Meori, and Wet-It! Swedish Dishcloths. More products may be added in the future.

Click “Shop” to view all available inventory. will not backorder or substitute products with similar design products. You will only be billed for products that you specifically request in writing and are currently available in our inventory.

Due to the high rate of unsolicited SPAM, Please consult your broker or the ITEX Member Listing to obtain the email address for Courtyard Elegance, LLC.

The SHOPPING CART may be used to identify only those items you may wish to purchase, and is not functional otherwise.

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Please note that products may not be purchased directly from this storefront, and are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. EMAIL must be sent to the seller with your ITEX Account Number and a descriptive list of all products you wish to purchase. A return email will be sent with a listing of all available products from your requested purchase list, including Shipping and Tax cash totals. Upon your confirmation via email reply, your account will be charged for all available desired product. A credit card is required for 6% Idaho State Tax plus Shipping , and will be collected through the payment portal after email confirmation and prior to product shipment. Upon successful credit card payment, product will be shipped within 2 business days with tracking. You should receive confirmation of your Tax and Shipping payment through the portal. Products will be updated or removed from the website when they are sold.

Some items are discontinued manufacturer and liquidated store inventory, and available in limited quantities with full manufacturer warranty, while others may be estate collections and like new limited use items. TAX and SHIPPING are cash only and payable by Visa and Mastercard. New inventory will be added or removed as inventory changes and products become available or sold.

Thank you for your business. Courtyard Elegance, LLC

We represent many different manufacturers. Orders above $10,000 are a 50/50 split with a minimum $5000 ITEX plus tax and shipping in cash. Contact us for more information
REULL is currently offering many high quality products
More products will be added in the future, so please bookmark
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